Registration is a key process and this section (including the navigation items to the left) provides information and links for those looking to participate in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Participant categories

To participate in the NEM, including associated trading activities conducted by AEMO under the National Electricity Rules (NER), you must register in one or more participant categories.

Registering in multiple markets

Participants may register in multiple markets under one ABN; or have multiple ABNs, requiring unique participant IDs for each ABN.

Registering multiple functions

An organisation with a single ABN can perform multiple functions and have single or multiple participant IDs.

An organisation conducting business under multiple ABNs must register the functions for each ABN.

Third-party authority

Applicants must provide a letter of authority if they require AEMO to liaise with a third party at any stage of the registration process. This authority will allow AEMO to disclose information about your application with your nominated third party.

The letter of authority should be sent by email and post to the Onboarding team either with your application, or beforehand.

Registered participants

You can view the current registration and exemption list containing all registered participants in the NEM, registration applicants, registrations that are ceasing or suspended, information about generators and scheduled loads, ancillary services, and registration exemptions.

Fees and charges

The NEM registration process

The following provides an overview of the registration process across all participant categories.

  1. Complete and submit

    Complete the application then email a copy along with all required attachments, to:

  2. Pay fees

    On receipt of your application, AEMO will send an invoice for the payment of your registration fees by electronic funds transfer (EFT).

  3. AEMO review

    AEMO reviews the application and responds to you within five business days of receipt of the application.

    AEMO may request additional information or clarification of the information contained in your application. If a request is made, you must supply the additional information or clarification within 15 business days of the request.

  4. AEMO assessment and decision

    Once AEMO receives a complete application and the additional information, AEMO must within 15 business days, determine if the application is to be approved for registration. AEMO will notify you of our determination and, if AEMO rejects your application, the reasons why.

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