Fees and charges

Electricity budget and fees

Fees and charges for Victorian transmission use of system

AEMO’s Transmission Use of System (TUOS) charges recover the costs for the provision of shared transmission network services in Victoria, and are calculated in accordance with the National Electricity Rules.

AEMO publishes its TUOS prices for the financial year in accordance with its obligations under chapter 6A of the National Electricity Rules.

The 2019-20 TUOS prices has been recalculated after 15 May 2019 as a result of data used for the calculation of prices did not match the information previously confirmed by some customers. The revised TUOS prices are published on 31 May 2019.

Modified load export charges for Victoria

AEMO’s modified load export charges (MLEC) recover the costs associated with the use of Victorian assets considered to support inter-regional flows to neighbouring regions. These charges are calculated in accordance with the National Electricity Rules, and AEMO pricing methodology.

Revenue Methodology for Victoria’s Electricity Transmission System

This document establishes how AEMO calculates the amount to be recovered from its Victorian electricity Transmission Use of System (TUOS) charge.

AEMO has updated this document to reflect required rule changes. Attached is the revenue methodology as well as change-marked version.

Pricing methodology for prescribed shared transmission services

AEMO determines Transmission Use of System (TUOS) prices in accordance with Chapter 6A of the National Electricity Rules and its Pricing Methodology. The Pricing Methodology is approved by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

Generator Connection Application Fees

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