Integrating Energy Storage Systems Rule Change

Submission date16/12/2021
MarketNational Electricity Market

On 2 December 2021 the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) made a Final Determination on the Integrating Energy Storage Systems (IESS) Rule change. The change seeks to better integrate storage and hybrid systems into the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Under the Rule, there will be significant changes to registration and dispatch arrangements as well as in areas such as non-energy cost recovery, performance standards, and participation options for aggregated portfolios of small resources.

High Level Design for the implementation of the IESS Rule Change

The high-level design outlines proposed arrangements for the implementation of the IESS rule change. The purpose of the document is to:

  • Outline AEMO’s system and operational changes, in order to allow for efficient planning of the IESS implementation project.
  • Enable participants and other stakeholders to understand and plan for system, process and operational changes required to implement the Rule Change.
  • Provide an opportunity for feedback from industry on proposed arrangements for the implementation of the IESS rule change.

    The Implementation Strawperson is designed to be read in conjunction with the high-level design, and provides further information about the system and process changes required to implement the IESS rule change. 

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Stakeholder Q&A forum

AEMO shared the proposed implementation arrangements and allowed opportunity for questions and initial feedback

4 February 2022


AEMO IESS HLD Stakeholder Q&A Forum 4 Feb 2022

Stakeholders are thanked for feedback provided.

Publication of update to High Level Design

7 July 2022



 Publication of draft IESS Implementation Strawperson:

AEMO welcomes stakeholder feedback on the IESS Implementation Strawperson. Submissions in response this document may be sent to by 5.00 pm AEST on 12 August 2022. A meeting to discuss feedback either on an individual basis or in a round table setting with individual stakeholder groups could be facilitated should this be preferred.

7 July 2022


For feedback or questions about the IESS implementation, please contact

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