Register as a Generator in the NEM

This page outlines the requirements for registering as a Generator in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Any person who owns, controls or operates a generating system connected to a transmission or distribution network must register as a Generator, except where they meet the exemption criteria.

Participants who are already registered as a Generator in the NEM who want to change their scheduled bid and valuation data should visit the Change Schedule 3.1 bid and offer validation data page.

Registration documents

These are the documents needed for registration.

Ancillary Service Generating Unit Classification Documents 

These documents are needed to classify your generating unit as an ancillary service generating unit.

Supporting documents

Any document shown in this section is required in support of your application or to assist.

Capability declaration

This document must be submitted as an attachment to section A of the application for registration.

Wind and solar forecasting

The following documents list the energy conversion model requirements for wind generators and solar generators. 

The Guide to Data Requirements, Guide to Intermittent Generation, and NEM Operational Forecasting and Dispatch Handbook for wind and solar generators provide additional information. 

More information on wind and solar forecasting can be found at Solar and wind energy forecasting.

Generating system data and model guidelines

If you have not already done so as part of your connection process, you must supply Generating System Data and Model functional block diagrams and source code in accordance with Schedule 5.2, clause S5.2.4 of the NER.

Local black system procedures

Generators must develop local black system procedures (LBSP) in accordance with the Guidelines for preparing local black system procedures published by AEMO.

Credit support

Participants may need to provide credit support to AEMO. All Financial guarantees must be in the prescribed format. AEMO advises applicants to contact to discuss requirements prior to completing the AEMO Guarantee Pro Forma. You must submit an original signed AEMO Guarantee Pro Forma with your registration application. 

The Credit support management guide contains information on AEMO's credit support processes and participant obligations.

Settlement Residue Auctions (SRAs)

To participate in Settlement Residue Auctions, you must first meet the eligibility criteria, as outlined in the following guides.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, please complete the Auction Participant Agreement to participate in the SRA and be eligible for registration as a Trader.

Trustee deed

Where the Applicant is acting in a trustee capacity, they must complete and return the following Trustee Deed form. No changes can be made to the Trustee Deed other than the completion of details where highlighted.

When completing the form, a number of fields will update automatically when printed. To update the fields without printing, please press <Ctrl> + ‘P’ to simulate printing, then press <Esc> to return to the document without printing.

Notification - Energise Auxiliary Load

AEMO Registration receives many enquiries about the acceptability of energising a generator connection point as a load, in order to allow power to auxiliary plant, prior to registration as a generator. This information sought from the proponent and specified in this form will enable AEMO to assess and provide feedback on the acceptability of the proponent’s proposal to energise auxiliary plant.

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