Accreditation of Book Build participants

AEMO has completed the consultation process in respect to Book Build procedures for the Retailer Reliability Obligation. Under clause 4A.H.4 of the National Electricity Rules, a person may apply to AEMO to be a Book Build Participant if that person enters into a Book Build Participation Agreement and satisfies the eligibility criteria set out in the Book Build procedures. Only a Book Build Participant accredited by AEMO may participate in a voluntary book build. 

You may submit your application to be accredited as a VBB buyer and/or VBB seller from 1 March 2020.

An application fee invoice will be issued upon receipt of an application for accreditation form. Details of the participant accreditation fee can be found here. This fee is not refundable.

Please ensure all supporting documents are provided with the application form, under Section 3.4 of the Book Build procedure. If AEMO is not satisfied with the information provided then the application will be rejected.

Applications for accreditation as a Voluntary Book Build (VBB) Participant are to be directed to

Any further queries should be directed to AEMO's Book Build email address:

There are currently no accredited Book Build Participants. 

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