Book Build Procedure Consultation

Market National Electricity Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No

On 9 January 2020, the South Australia Minister for Energy and Mining under NEL Part 7A 19B (1) triggered the Retailer Reliability Obligation (RRO) in South Australia for the first quarters of 2022 and 2023.

Under the declaration, the details of the prescribed periods which apply in South Australia are:

  • each weekday from 10 January 2022 – 18 March 2022 for the trading periods between 3pm and 9pm EST; and

  • each weekday from 9 January 2023 – 17 March 2023 for the trading periods between 3pm and 9pm EST.

The NER, including South Australian local provisions, requires that if the AER or the South Australian Minister make a T-3 reliability instrument, and the Book Build Procedures have been developed and published under clause 4A.H.2, then AEMO must conduct a voluntary book build in the relevant region for the relevant forecast reliability gap period.

Please refer to the final set of Book Build Procedures below.

Further details regarding accreditation and operation of the voluntary book build will follow shortly.

For any enquiries regarding the Book Build, please email

Final set of Procedures

AEMO has completed the consultation process in respect to Book Build Procedures for the Retailer Reliability Obligation. This consultation was conducted under clause 4A.H.2(a) of the National Electricity Rules (NER), in accordance with the Rules consultation requirements detailed in rule 8.9 of the NER.

The updated documents are available at the links below.

Any further queries should be directed to AEMO's Book Build email address:

Second stage consultation

AEMO invited comments on the Book Build Procedures and the Book Build Participation Deed.

Submissions were closed on 5:00pm (Melbourne time) on 1 November 2019. 

No additional comments or submissions were received by AEMO.

Initial consultation submissions

Initial consultation documents 


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