Summer operations report 2019-20

AEMO has conducted a review of system operations in the National Electricity Market (NEM) over summer 2019-2020. The scope of this review is limited to operational outcomes and does not include market and financial outcomes.

This review considers the effectiveness of preparations undertaken by AEMO and NEM participants prior to summer in minimising disruptions from a number of power system events during the summer period.

While preparatory work by AEMO and the industry was effective in mitigating the power system impacts of a season characterised by record high temperatures, extreme and catastrophic fire danger, significant smoke and dust, and violent storm activity, it is clear these challenges continue to grow.

In this review, AEMO has identified further specific measures that will enable continued improvement to the operational visibility of the power system, decision-making processes, and market mechanisms, and ensure a resilient NEM power system into the future.

Read AEMO's report on this summer 2019-20 review here:

Annually, AEMO prepares a summer readiness plan, collaborating with generation and transmission network providers, federal and state governments, and key agencies to actively manage heightened risks to power system operations.

The readiness plan to address risks and deliver reliable and secure power to consumers throughout summer 2019-20 builds on the strategies and actions which delivered reliable, secure supply during summer 2018-19, and is structured around these four pillars:

  • Sufficient available resources.
  • Continuing operational improvements.
  • Contingency planning.
  • Collaboration and communication.

Read AEMO's full pre-summer 2019-20 report here:

Publishing of Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) related costs:

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