System restart ancillary services guideline

SRAS Guideline

AEMO makes the ‘SRAS Guideline’ under clause 3.11.7 of the National Electricity Rules (NER). The SRAS Guideline also incorporates AEMO’s determination of electrical sub-network boundaries under NER clause 3.11.8.

The SRAS Guideline describes principles and processes designed to ensure AEMO procures SRAS that meet the system restart standard (set by the Reliability Panel) at the lowest long-term cost. The Guideline includes technical, modelling, assessment and testing requirements for SRAS, a process for assessing individual and aggregate reliability of SRAS, and applicable procurement processes. 

The Guideline includes requirements applicable to SRAS providers, network service providers, and registered participants who need to participate in a system restart test.

Registered participants and prospective participants interested in being assessed for future provision of SRAS should contact AEMO at

The current SRAS Guideline and associated information  can be accessed below:

Previous versions of the SRAS Guideline can be accessed below.

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