Frequency contribution factors

The Frequency Contribution Factors Procedure (FCFP) will have effect under NER 3.15.6AA, which commences on 8 June 2025 under the National Electricity Amendment (Primary Frequency Response incentive arrangements) Rule 2022.

The FCFP will replace the existing Regulation FCAS Contribution Factor Procedure and will reflect significant changes to be introduced by the PFR incentives rule for the recovery of regulation FCAS costs, including the introduction of frequency performance payments for market participants’ eligible facilities where their primary frequency response (PFR) helps to reduce the frequency deviations which would otherwise require the use of regulation FCAS and detailed in the following procedure.

The Frequency Contribution Factor Turning Parameters and Input Sources, including weightings for Frequency Measure and the details on where frequency will be obtained are published in the following document.

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