Network status and capability

This page contains information relating to the physical status of the electricity transmission network, and its capability to transfer power. This includes equipment ratings, capability of the interconnections between NEM regions, transmission diagrams/maps, information on upcoming electricity network outages and where to get data from AEMO’s market systems.

Transmission Equipment Ratings (TER)

The owners of the electricity assets provide AEMO with ratings of their equipment. The equipment ratings are used in AEMO’s energy management system (EMS) and constraint equations. Details on how the ratings are used and where the data is published are on the Transmission Equipment Ratings page. How ratings are used in constraint equations is detailed in the Constraint Implementation Guidelines.

Interconnector capabilities

Information on nominal interconnector capabilities is available from the Interconnector Capabilities report. For actual interconnector capacity under system normal or outage conditions, AEMO also publishes information in:

Transmission Network Map

An interactive map showing the electricity network with selectable layers for information from AEMO’s major reports (ESOO, NTNDP, VAPR), forecasts and historical information is available on the Interactive Maps and Dashboards page. The Maps and Diagrams page contains the NEM regional boundaries map as well as detailed network diagrams.

Electricity Network Outages

Electricity network outages are published in two locations.

  • The Network Outage Scheduler (NOS) lists all the planned and unplanned network outages on the transmission system. Bookings may be made up to two years in advance or at short notice (unplanned) in response to an emergency.
  • The Planned Electricity Network Outages contains spreadsheets for the 13 month outage plans for ElectraNet, Powerlink and AusNet service. The remaining network service providers publish this information via NOS.

MMS Data Model and Data

AEMO publishes data from the electricity market management systems that is available to all NEM participants via the MMS Data Interchange. Data is also published in the Market Management Systems section of the AEMO website.

Plain English constraint equation converter

AEMO has developed a tool, the Plain English Constraint Equation converter, which allows registered participants to view constraint equations IDs belonging to a constraint set ID, along with "Plain English" descriptions of the constraint equations. This tool is available to market participants via the EMMS Web Portal.

For details on getting access to the EMMS Web Portal please contact the AEMO Support and Information Hub.

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