Schedules for Delegations

Instruments of Delegation for TNSPs

From the start of the National Electricity Market, the Transmission Network Service Providers (TNSPs) have performed a number of functions on AEMO’s behalf to assist with the management of power system security.

Those functions were previously specified in the TNSP Operating Agreements and these have now ceased.

New arrangements commenced in each of the NEM Regions as follows:

  • Tasmania - 12 August 2013
  • Victoria - 12 August 2013
  • South Australia - 14 December 2013
  • New South Wales - 16 January 2014
  • Queensland - 30 January 2014

Under these arrangements, specified power system security responsibilities are delegated to each of these TNSPs in accordance with NER clause 4.3.3 through Instruments of Delegation and details are incorporated in each of the relevant Regional Power System Operating Procedures.

Each of SPI PowerNet, Transend, ElectraNet, TransGrid and Powerlink are acting in accordance with their Instruments of Delegation, the scopes of which are available below.

For further information, please contact AEMO's Information & Support Hub.

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