Market ancillary services specification and FCAS verification tool

The market ancillary services specification (MASS) contains:

  • A detailed description of each kind of market ancillary service.
  • The performance parameters and requirements which must be satisfied for a service to qualify as the relevant market ancillary service, and also when a market participant provides the relevant kind of market ancillary service.
  • Verification procedures for market ancillary services.

The FCAS verification tool (FCASVT) is an Excel spreadsheet that has been made available to NEM participants to calculate FCAS delivered by their plant.

The FCASVT will calculate fast raise (R6), slow raise (R60), delayed raise (R5), fast lower (L6), slow lower (L60), and delayed lower (L5), delivered in accordance with the MASS. The FCASVT also allows the user to inspect in detail how the MASS is applied in processing data to arrive at a result.

The VPP demonstrations FCAS specification contains the minimum conditions that AEMO proposes to apply to parties that may participate in a trial of contingency FCAS from aggregated DERs.

VPP Demonstrations FCAS Specification v1.0
31 July 2019 (806 KB, pdf)

The wind and solar contingency FCAS testing requirements have been developed by AEMO for operators looking to classify wind and solar generation as ancillary services generating units for contingency FCAS.

The Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) requirements for contingency FCAS registration have been developed by AEMO to assist market participants in the NEM looking to register a BESS to provide contingency FCAS.

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