Modelling requirements

Connection Applicants are required to submit a model package that represents the structure and performance of their generating plant, to AEMO and the connecting Network Service Provider (NSP). The model package and documentation must conform to the Power System Model Guidelines, the Power System Design Data Sheets and Power System Setting Data Sheets, as required by National Electricity Rules (NER) S5.2.4, 5.2.5 and S5.5.6.

AEMO requires modelling information to represent the physical arrangement of the generating system and its connection to the network. AEMO also requires that simulation models are sufficiently accurate to demonstrate the performance of the generating plant under all expected operating conditions. AEMO uses modelling data and simulation models to assess technical performance standards, to determine power system operational limits, as well as to assess the connection requirements for future Generators.

Some parts of the modelling package, such as the RMS model source code, will only be submitted to AEMO and will be treated as confidential information – see clauses S5.2.4 and 3.13.3 (l) of the National Electricity Rules (Rules). AEMO strongly encourages the submission of sensitive information to be done in a secure manner (for example password protected files, secure transmission etc.).

AEMO uses PSS®E software as its primary simulation tool for connection studies, as well as PSCAD™/EMTDC™ for EMT modelling. Connection Applicants are encouraged to confirm model compatibility with AEMO before submitting a model an application to connect. AEMO may accept simulation models in other software formats where accompanied by the model source code in an unencrypted form. Such a model must be converted into PSS®E format (for RMS models) or PSCAD™/EMTDC™ (for EMT models) prior to AEMO assessing the model, which will incur conversion fees.

A completed Connection Application Submission Review Checklist should be included with your submission, confirming that your submission is complete.

The model package submitted by a Connection Applicant must be revised periodically throughout a connection project, reflecting the stage of the process. The final (registered) data packages as defined under clause S5.5.2 of the Rules are:

  • R1 model package – must be submitted at least three months before commissioning as specified under Clause S5.2.4 of the Rules,
  • R2 model package – is the validated data, and must be submitted, along with an R2 model verification report, within three months of the final commissioning tests being completed.

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