Gas deregistration

This page outlines the requirements for deregistering from a gas market. To register in a different energy market, please go to Energy Systems > Registration.

A registered gas participant can apply to AEMO to be deregistered from any registrable capacity. This process is referred to as revocation.

Clause 135AH of the National Gas Rules (NGR) outlines the requirements for the revocation of registration.

Deregistration does not affect any prior obligation or liability of the organisation under the NGR.

Termination letter

Existing participants seeking to deregister must apply to AEMO in writing to cease registration.

The application for deregistration should be on a formal letterhead and be signed by a duly authorised company officer. Generally, this officer would hold an executive management position such as Chief Executive Officer or Company Secretary.

For all applicants, the termination letter (letter) must include:

  • The Registered Participant’s full name and ABN.
  • Relevant participant ID(s).
  • The gas market and capacity (or capacities) from which the Registered Participant wishes to deregister.
  • The business reason(s) why the Registered Participant considers it is, or will be, no longer required to be registered in the relevant gas market.
  • A preferred future date when the Registered Participant wishes to be deregistered or have an existing classification terminated. AEMO cannot guarantee this date but will seek to meet the time frame provided. (Auction Participants see below.)

For Auction Participants, please also include:

  • The proposed termination date which must be at least 30 days after the date of the letter, however the termination of an Auction Agreement is not effective until:
    • all liability accrued under the Auction Agreement has been satisfied, and 
    • the Auction Participant has executed all documents reasonably required by AEMO to give effect to that termination.
  • Confirmation whether an Auction Participant and requesting the termination of the Auction Agreement.
  • Confirmation whether an Agent Participant.
    • If an Agent Participant, please identify the Appointing Participants.
  • Confirmation whether also registered as a Gas Supply Hub Member and want to remain registered, or not.

For GSH Member Participants, please also include: 

  • Confirmation whether a Member Participant and requesting the termination of the Member Agreement.
  • Confirmation whether an Agent Member. 
    • If an Agent Member, identify the Appointing Members.
  • Confirmation whether also registered in the Capacity Auction as an Auction Participant and want to remain registered, or not.

For Appointing Members and/or Appointing Participants, please also include:

  • Confirmation to cease being an Appointing Member/Participant for the Agent Member/ Participant, and wanting to cease being a party to the GSH Exchange Agreement and/or Auction Agreement.
    • A letter is also required from the Agent Member/Participant confirming they cease being the Agent Member/Participant for the Appointing Member/Participant.

For Part 24 Facility Operators, please also include:

  • Confirmation they will no longer be a Facility Operator.
    • Identify the Part 24 facility and the date of termination.
  • Confirmation whether they also cease to be a responsible Transportation Service Provider (TSP) for the Part 24 facility.
  • Confirmation of who the proposed new TSP (facility operator) is for the Part 24 facility, if known.
    • The proposed new TSP must apply for registration.
  • Confirmation of who the proposed new responsible TSP (facility operator) is for the Part 24 facility, if known. 
    • The proposed new responsible TSP facility operator must apply for registration as a facility operator.
  • The proposed termination date. The termination date may be later if a new facility operator / responsible TSP is to be registered.

The deregistration process

  1. Complete and submit

    Complete the application to deregister, as outlined above, and email a copy to

  2. AEMO review

    AEMO reviews the deregistration application. Depending on circumstances, AEMO may require additional information to verify the reasons for deregistration and to confirm that any ongoing liability in the market will be met.

  3. AEMO notification

    AEMO notifies the member of the outcome of their application to deregister. If successful, AEMO also publishes a notice of the revocation on AEMO's website and notifies the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) by email of the deregistration.

  4. Ceasing participation

    Upon deregistration, the status of the organisation is changed in the various system registers maintained by AEMO. Approximately six to nine months after the date of deregistration, when all revisions have been settled:

    • data sharing to and from the deregistered participant ID is removed,
    • access to AEMO's market systems by the deregistered participant ID is revoked, and
    • subsequently produced statements and reports are disabled.


To re-register, the organisation must complete the registration process.

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