Specification of service points, zones and segments

The specification of service points (receipt and delivery points), zones (groupings of service points) and pipeline segments (transportation paths between zones) underpin the operation of the Day-ahead Auction (DAA) and Capacity Trading Platform (CTP).

Facility operators are required to provide AEMO with, and keep up to date, a specification of all pipeline, compression, and park service points on each of the transportation facilities covered by the capacity trading reform package.

AEMO is responsible for:

  • maintaining and publishing a register of each service point (physical or notional) at or between which transportation services are (or may be) provided by the facilities that will be subject to the reform package and each park service point;
  • determining the allocation of service points to the zones that will be used for both the CTP and DAA;
  • determining the backhaul service points between which backhaul auction services will be available in the DAA on single direction pipelines (or parts of pipelines); and
  • determining the forward haul pipeline segments (i.e. the part of a pipeline between pipeline zones) and, where relevant, the backhaul pipeline segments that will be used in the DAA.

The specification of service points, zones and pipeline segments is recorded in the Transportation Service Point Register (TSPR).

  • Archive

    Pre Registration Transportation Service Point Register

    Consultation – Draft Specification

    AEMO and the GMRG have updated the specification of service points, zones and pipeline segments based on this initial consultation. The GMRG and AEMO are seeking written feedback on the second draft of the service points, zones and pipeline segments by 5pm (AEST) on 25 October 2018. Stakeholders can submit their feedback by email to the PCT inbox (pct@aemo.com.au).

    Initial Consultation

    GMRG and AEMO jointly prepared an initial Consultation Paper to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to provide their feedback on the proposed service points, zones and, where relevant, pipeline segments for the initial set of facilities that are expected to be subject to the reforms. The feedback received through this initial consultation process will be used to inform the draft specification of service points, zones and pipeline segments, which will be subject to a further round of consultation before AEMO makes its final determination. The draft specification is expected to be published in September with a further period of industry consultation to be carried out.

    Initial Participant Submissions

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