About gas planning and forecasting

AEMO provides planning and forecasting information to support efficient decision-making and long-term investment in Australia's gas markets and infrastructure services. This information is used to support industry and government to make informed decisions for the long-term benefit of consumers.

These are AEMO's major planning and forecasting reports for the gas industry:

  • The National Gas Forecasting Report (NGFR) forecasts gas demand for the eastern and south-eastern Australia gas region. The NGFR presents information about gas annual consumption and maximum demand over a 20-year outlook period.
  • The Gas Statement of Opportunities (GSOO) provides information about the current state of the gas industry in eastern and south-eastern Australia to facilitate a competitive market and efficient investment, operations, and use of energy. The GSOO provides an adequacy assessment of natural gas infrastructure and gas reserves to meet forecast demand across eastern and south-eastern Australia over a 20-year period.
  • The Western Australia Gas Statement of Opportunities (WA GSOO) is prepared annually and provides a comprehensive medium to long-term outlook of natural gas supply and demand in Western Australia. It includes information relating to natural gas reserves, production, transmission and storage capacity, along with trends in national and international LNG markets and a discussion of other issues relevant to the sector.
  • The Victorian Gas Planning Report (VGPR) informs market participants and government about gas transmission capacity changes that impact security and reliability in the Victorian Declared Transmission System (DTS).
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