About the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB)

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The Gas Bulletin Board (GBB) was established on 1 July 2008, as a gas market and system information website covering all major gas production fields, major demand centres and natural gas transmission pipeline systems of South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, NSW, ACT and Queensland.

The objective of the GBB is to facilitate improved decision making and trade in gas commodity and pipeline capacity, through the provision of readily accessible and up-to-date gas system and market information.

AEMO operates the GBB in accordance with its obligations under the National Gas Law (NGL) and National Gas Rules (NGR). GBB facility operators provide AEMO with information as required under the NGR, for publication to the GBB in standard reports and displayed on the GBB map.

AEMO is responsible for the Gas Services Information (GSI) functions in Western Australia and operates the Gas Bulletin Board for Western Australia.

2018 GBB upgrade and access to historical data

On September 30, 2018, a rule change to enhance the breadth and accuracy of information provided to the market through the GBB was implemented, requiring the development of a new GBB platform.  As such, all data submitted to the GBB prior to 30 September 2018 has been archived and can be found at the Archive section.

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