Procedures, policies and guides

This page provides guides and detailed documents for Pipeline Capacity Trading (PCT) and the Day-Ahead Auction (DAA), helping users to understand the market, its platform and interface. It also lists the procedures that govern the operation of the market and lists the contract information required by the Capacity Trading and Auction Procedures (CTAP).

About the market

To support PCT, AEMO operates the Capacity Trading Platform (CTP). The following guides provide an explanation of the framework and operation of the market, the CTP and DAA.


As the Capacity Trading Platform forms part of the Gas Supply Hub (GSH), participants are required to accede to the GSH exchange agreement and membership agreement.

Procedures and protocols

The Capacity Trading Platform and the Day-Ahead Auction are governed by procedures that are maintained by AEMO.

The Capacity Transfer and Auction Procedures are made under section 91BRO of the National Gas Law and support the operation and administration of the capacity auction and transaction support arrangements.

Market system interface guides

The following guides provide information about the capacity transfer and day-ahead auction market systems, as well as the overarching Gas Supply Hub (GSH) market system.

Other information

Additional information relating to the operation of, and participation in, PCT.

Contract Information

In accordance with clause 5 of the Capacity Transfer and Auction Procedures, Contract Information must be provided to AEMO so that facility agreements can be accurately identified for transaction support arrangements.

Interest rate

Where interest is applied to trading amounts, AEMO has determined the interest rate – as referenced in the NGR – to be the one-month Bank Bill Swap Reference Rate mid-rate determined by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

For further information about interest rates, or PCT more generally, please contact AEMO's Information and Support Hub.

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