Metering procedures, guidelines and processes

Service level procedures

Metering data provision procedures

The Metering Data Provision Procedures establish the minimum requirements for the manner and form in which metering data should be provided by retailers and Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs) to retail customers (or their customer authorised representatives) in response to a request for such data from the retail customer or customer authorised representative.

The procedures include the minimum requirements for the:

  1. Manner and form in which a retail customer’s metering data must be provided, including for interval metering data and accumulation metering data.
  2. Timeframes for retailers and DNSPs to respond to a request from a retail customer or customer authorised representative.
  3. Minimum delivery method for the requested metering data.

Metering Installation Malfunction Exemption procedure

This procedure sets out the process for seeking an exemption from AEMO under clause 7.8.10 of the National Electricity Rules.

An application for a metering installation malfunction exemption must be made using the relevant application forms. The application for extension to an existing exemption is only applicable to an exemption under clause 7.8.10.

Metering Installation Exemption Guideline

AEMO developed this guideline to help participants understand and navigate through the metering installation exemption process in MSATS.

Exemption guideline – small customer metering installation

This guideline describes the circumstances where a Metering Coordinator may be exempt from enabling remote acquisition of metering data when installing a type 4 metering installation at a small customer's connection point.

Data storage Requirements Exemption procedure

This Procedure sets out the application process and conditions for exemption from complying with the requirements of NER clause 7.8.2(a)(9) for the storage of interval energy data for metering installations referred to in NER clause 7.8.2(a1). 

Metering Data Delivery

Metering Data must be delivered to respective settlement systems as indicated in the appropriate MDP Data Delivery Calendar, related to the period concerned. AEMO will normally run the MSATS profile calculations and settlement aggregation process in the evening of the day that the MDP data delivery cut off occurs. It is possible, however, that this process does not occur as planned, to accommodate any data issues found or other processing scheduled requirements. Therefore, this calendar should not be relied on to specify exactly when MSATS processing will be run. Participants should refer to the MSATS Settlement Case IDs and the associated run times from the MSATS browser to determine when a particular settlement case is run.

Meter Data File Format

In the NEM, Metering Data Providers are appointed to collect, process and deliver metering data to participants and AEMO in the required file format.

Metering data delivered to participants is to conform to the Meter Data File Format Specification (currently MDFF NEM12 and NEM13). Metering data delivered to AEMO must conform to the MDM data file format as defined by the respective schema and as detailed within the ‘MDM File Format and Upload Process’ documentation.

This document contains details of processes performed by the MDM component of MSATS.

The 'NEM12 & NEM13 - File Testing/Example Files' below detail the various MDP test file-build scenarios, and those examples which have been passed and accepted within the inter MDP test process. The 'NEM12 & NEM13 Error Files’ contain data scenarios which have deliberate file syntax and information errors. These files are provided to assist participants in the verification and build of MDFF loaders.

National Metering Identifier procedure

Use of a unique identifier, the National Metering Identifier (NMI), for connection points and associated metering points, is a crucial component in NEM operations for customer registration and transfer, change control, and data transfer.

Special and technology related sites

In accordance with clause 7.8.12 of the Rules, AEMO is required to publish a list of connection points that exhibit special site or technology related conditions (special site).

These special site or technology-related connection points are associated with transmission, interconnector, market generator, or cross-boundary connection points which have a complexity of metrology. These connection points by their nature require the engagement of a meter data provider who has a system capability in support of the ‘special site’ metering data collection and processing requirements.

Cross Boundary Supply Guideline

The Cross Boundary Supply Guideline (Guideline) assists with the creation and management of a connection point on a distribution network that connects to an adjacent distribution network (other than an embedded network). This Guideline supplements the MSATS NMI Procedure.

The Cross Boundary Connection Point Checklist must be completed, sent to nem.lnsp& and reviewed by AEMO Metering Team prior to the creation of standing data within the MSATS system

Stand-Alone Power Systems Factsheet

A regulated Stand-Alone Power System is a distribution network that is not connection to the interconnected grid. The Stand-Alone Power Systems Factsheet (Factsheet) assists with the creation and management of a connection point for the generating Unit(s) on a regulated SAPS. This Factsheet supplements the MSATS NMI Procedure.

The Stand-Alone power Systems Connection Point Checklist must be completed, sent to nem.lnsp& and reviewed by AEMO Metering Team prior to the creation of any generating unit standing data within the MSATS system.

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