Market Settlement and Transfer Solutions (MSATS)

Consumer Administration and Transfer Solution (CATS) and Wholesale, Interconnector, Generator and Sample (WIGS) Procedures

The CATS and WIGS procedures apply to registered participants in accordance with the National Electricity Rules (the Rules). They form part of the MSATS procedures mentioned in the Rules clause 7.2.8. The CATS procedures are applicable to NMI (National Metering Identifier) small and large classifications, and the WIGS procedures are applicable to NMI classifications wholesale, interconnector, generator, and sample.

NEM Retailer of Last Resort (RoLR) processes

The NEM Retailer of Last Resort (RoLR) Processes define the processes that participants and AEMO are required to follow in order to effectively manage market transactions and communicate customer and site information should a RoLR event be invoked within the NEM.

Standing Data for MSATS

This document provides a detailed description of the data items populated in the MSATS NMI Standing Data tables. The document contains information on the type of data, a brief description of that data item, and whether the information is mandatory. It is intended as a reference guide to assist participant's building systems and processes to interact with the MSATS system and understand the data.


Maps the MSATS Procedures to the aseXML Transactions and Acknowledgements.

MSATS Guides

Information regarding the use of the MSATS system is detailed in the following guides. These guides outline the steps involved in using the Ombudsman Enquiry System and the MSATS Web Portal, including Consumer Administration Transfer Solution (CATS), and Metering Data Management (MDM).

MSATS Participant Batcher

The Participant Batcher software transfers files from participant environments using FTP from and to the MSATS and B2B participant file servers. It does the entire message acknowledgement and file manipulations as required by the batch file interfaces.

Validation Module

The B2B Validation Module is a validation application participants can embed in their B2B systems allowing them to validate an XML file before it is deployed to the MSATS B2B Web Portal. Download the latest and previous software and guide below.

Technical guide to bulk data tool in MSATS

This guide:

  1. Describes the Bulk Data Tool (BDT).
  2. Shows the relationship between the aseXML data for BDT and the processing of that data.
  3. Provides a reliable reference for the intended usage of the aseXML elements relevant to the BDT.

    MSATS CATS Hints and Tips and NMI Discovery

    This is a detailed technical guide that has been based on the operational experience gained in MSATS to date. It provides hints and tips on how to ensure that requests are successfully loaded into MSATS, and NMI Discovery and other reports, as well as outlining MSATS validations.

    MSATS CATS History Model

    AEMO receives a large number of enquires about how MSATS handles the history of consumer transfers and standing data.

    This document is a detailed description of how the MSATS data model is used to manage information that changes over time. It is essential reading, targeted at business analysts and IT support staff in participant business who are involved in managing data interfaces to and from MSATS.

    Metering Data Management (MDM) procedures

    This document contains details of processes performed by the MDM component of MSATS.

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