Metrology Procedures and Unmetered Loads

National Electricity Market (NEM) metrology procedure

The metrology procedure is made in accordance with clause 7.16 of the National Electricity Rules (the Rules), and is comprised of two parts:

  1. Metrology procedure: Part A National Electricity Market.
  2. Metrology procedure: Part B: Metering Data Validation, Substitution and Estimation Procedure for Metering Types 1–7.

The metrology procedure applies to AEMO, registered participants, metering providers, and metering data providers, in relation to connection points in the NEM that may be classified as a first-tier load, second-tier load, market load, or intending load in accordance with clause 2.3.1 of the Rules.

The metrology procedure provides information on the application of metering installations to connection points, and sets out provisions for metering installations and metering data services.

NEM unmetered loads

In accordance with Table S7.4.3.1, Item 5(c) of the Rules, the metrology procedure must include arrangements for unmetered loads that have been classified as market loads. Consequently, the metrology procedure requires AEMO to publish:

  1. The NEM Load Table, which lists the load values for unmetered market load.
  2. A Guideline, to provide industry with assistance in determining the device load values for an unmetered market load device.

Unmetered loads that are not included in the NEM Load Table (that is, off-market unmetered loads) are the subject of arrangements determined through consultation between LNSPs, FRMPs (typically Local Retailers), interested parties and end-use customers.

National Electricity Market Load Tables for Unmetered Connection Points

Distribution loss factor codes in MSATS

Distribution Loss Factors (DLFs) are managed in MSATS by the use of Codes. These documents provides an explanation of the DLF Codes and the requirements on Local Network Service Providers to maintain the DLF values against the DLF Codes in MSATS.

Guideline for Clarification of the National Measurement Act

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