Stakeholder Forums

AEMO is committed to open and transparent consultation with Market Participants on the changes taking place through WEM Reform.  There are a number consultative forums available to Market Participants that address different aspects of WEM Reform changes.  These are outlined below.

WEM Reform Implementation Group (WRIG) 

From May 2022, the WRIG is chaired by AEMO and is a forum for stakeholders to be informed and consulted on all matters related to the implementation of the WEM Reform Program. The Forum:

  • provides stakeholders with high level updates on the implementation of the WEM Reform.
  • seeks participant input into how the readiness of market participants is monitored, measured, informed, and enhanced.
  • briefs stakeholders on drafts of new and modified WEM Procedures as part of a streamlined procedure development process established under the WEM Rules to support the WEM Reforms.
  • updates and consults stakeholders on the design, development and deployment of IT systems and interfaces required to implement the WEM Reform Program.

Meeting placeholders are scheduled for the second and the last Thursdays of each month. Meetings are either confirmed 7 days prior to each scheduled timeslot or cancelled if not required. Calendar invitations with a Microsoft Teams link as well as the agenda are circulated at the same time as each meeting is confirmed.

If you would like to be invited to future WRIG meetings, please contact

WRIG materials are available: 

If you don’t currently have access to the Reformer but want access, please notify us by email to

Transformation Design and Operation Working Group (TDOWG)

TDOWG is chaired by Energy Policy WA (EPWA) and is used primarily to provide information and solicit feedback on changes to the WEM Rules to support the Energy Transformation Strategy. While the scope of the Strategy extends beyond WEM Reform, many of the rule changes considered at TDOWG are needed to underpin the WEM Reform Program. Meetings are scheduled as required. 

If you would like to know more about future TDOWG meetings, please contact

TDOWG slides and minutes are available on the EPWA website here.

WA Electricity Consultative Forum (WAECF) 

The WAECF is run by AEMO and predates the WEM Reform Program. It provides a forum for interested and affected parties to consult and consider issues relating to the operation and design of the WEM. The WAECF considers a wide variety of WEM-related topics, including, but not limited to WEM Reform. Meetings are held every second month. 

Please direct any queries regarding the WA Electricity Consultative Forum to 

WAECF slides and minutes are available on AEMO’s website here

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