Global Power System Transformation (G-PST)

AEMO is one of six founding system operators who came together in 2019 to form the Global Power System Transformation (G-PST) Consortium. Through G-PST, AEMO is collaborating with advanced system operators CAISO, Eirgrid, Energinet, ERCOT, National Grid ESO and other industry and research partners to help enable the renewable energy transition while maintaining electricity system reliability, security, and resilience.

G-PST’s vision is guided by the Chief Executive Officers of the Founding System Operators (FSOs), including AEMO’s Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Westerman, and supported by technical designates from each FSO organisation. It’s also supported by leadership from a core team of the world’s top twelve research institutions in power system transformation. 

Today, more than three dozen power system operators, representing more than 35% of global electricity generation, are actively engaged in advancing and exchanging technical solutions via G-PST. In 2024 a new role of Executive Director G-PST was defined, presently fulfilled by Luke Robinson of AEMO, to further effective collaboration and alignment across the G-PST.

The G-PST is helping support system operators globally across five pillars:

  1. System Operator Research & Peer Learning 
  2. System Operator Technical Assistance
  3. Foundational Workforce Development
  4. Localized Technology Adoption Support
  5. Open Data and Tools
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