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AEMO is working towards implementing fast Electromagnetic Transient (EMT) power system simulation platform.

Australia’s power system is experiencing a transition from conventional synchronous generation, such as coal-fired power stations, to inverter-based generation, such as wind and solar farms, at a pace and penetration level not seen in any other major interconnected system in the world. Due to the difference in how inverter-based plants operate compared to synchronous plants, there has been a shift from Root Mean Squared (RMS) to Electromagnetic Transient (EMT) models that more accurately capture and predict power system behaviour.

AEMO is working with vendors to improve the speed and capabilities of EMT simulation tools. In particular, AEMO is collaborating with OPAL-RT on enhancements to HYPERSIM to improve performance, better support real-time operations and to promote the development of EMT modelling standards.

AEMO is also working with MHI to further improve simulation times of PSCAD, which have reduced from several hours to one hour with the recent transition from PSCAD v4 to v5.

As the National Electricity Market (NEM) power system continues to rapidly evolve, using fit-for-purpose analysis tools is increasingly critical to the secure and reliable operation of the power system.

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For more information or to get involved please contact AEMO simulator@aemo.com.au.

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