Strategic priorities and projects

Our world is changing at speed and scale, and ongoing change is expected to dominate Australia’s energy future. Traditional power system operations, regulations and market functions are being challenged as the provision of secure and reliable energy becomes more complex.

AEMO is embracing this future.

We are reshaping in response to our rapidly changing environment with an increased focus on delivering efficient, impactful outcomes for the benefit of all energy consumers. This means we are committed to greater transparency, commercial accountability and effective collaboration across the sector.

AEMO's Corporate Plan for FY2022 outlines AEMO’s strategic response to the changes that are sweeping the energy landscape, amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, to guide how we deliver our core obligations, responsibilities and major work streams, the AEMO Board and Executive have identified four high-priority areas that will shape AEMO’s strategic journey in FY2022:

Priority 1: Operating today’s systems and markets

Deliver our core responsibilities in accordance with electricity, gas and other laws and regulations.

  • System and market operationsensure Australia's energy systems and markets can be securely and reliably operated under all foreseeable conditions.
  • Energy system and market insights: publish statutory publications, reports and energy and market intelligence to the satisfaction of our stakeholders.
  • System and market technologies: leverage technological innovations, uplift systems and invest in advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities to improve the efficient and secure operation of energy systems and markets.
  • Cyber security: work with Government and industry to safeguard AEMO’s and Australia’s energy systems and data from malicious intent and intrusion

Priority 2: Navigating the energy future

Mandated reforms and critical system and market improvements are supported and delivered efficiently, cooperatively and cost effectively.

  • Forward challenges and opportunities: identify, communicate and consult on critical operational issues, and plan and advise on future energy system needs.
  • Reform partner: proactively support the energy transition through collaboratively sharing key insights, providing timely technical analysis and supporting the industry, market bodies and governments in meeting challenges, lowering costs and capturing opportunities.
  • Reform implementation: efficiently deliver mandated reform programs on behalf of the industry, as required, with a strong focus on reducing costs to industry and consumers.

Priority 3: Engaging our stakeholders

Be a trusted partner that puts our members and stakeholders at the centre of everything AEMO does.

  • Transparency and collaboration: uplift external engagement, increasing transparency to build trust and provide value to our members and the wider energy industry.
  • Service excellence: be responsive, adaptive and supportive in our interactions, motivated by a strong customer focus and committed to delivering what we promise.
  • Grid connections: transparently inform and support participants to evaluate investment choices and cooperate with all parties throughout the grid connection process in a timely manner.
  • Jurisdictional support: undertake functions and provide advice to each member jurisdiction, providing high quality services without distraction from AEMO’s core responsibilities.

Priority 4: Evolving the way we work

Be an adaptive, commercial and consumer-focused organisation.

  • Talent, culture and capability: strive to be an inclusive, excellent and adaptive workforce that embraces a stakeholder and consumer mindset in the delivery of positive change for the future.
  • Organisational excellence: constantly work to be a more efficient and effective organisation with clear accountabilities, improved service delivery, effective external engagement, and a customer and commercial focus.
  • Digital, data and technology: ensure our digital and data solutions maximise performance, reliability and security of Australia’s energy systems and markets, and support efficient and low-cost integration and business operations.
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