Regulatory Implementation Roadmap

In April-May 2020, the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC), Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and AEMO (the Market Bodies) undertook a process with stakeholders to prioritise the energy market regulatory program in response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in recognition of the cumulative regulatory implementation burden or the increasing number of significant processes. 

The Roadmap will be revised periodically, as new AEMC rule change determinations and other relevant decisions are made. 

Regulatory Implementation Roadmap – Version 5

The fifth version of the regulatory implementation roadmap (roadmap) has been updated to reflect the progress of several rule change processes including fast frequency response market ancillary service and integrating energy storage systems. The roadmap confirms that regulatory initiatives due to commence in late 2021 are on schedule, including five-minute settlement (5MS) and global settlements (soft start).

Note that while 5MS is on track to commence on 1 October 2021, the roadmap also includes an additional tab ‘5MS contingency scenario’ which was discussed at the 9 July stakeholder forum. This is for information only and is the subject of an AEMO rule change request, available on the AEMC’s website.

Regulatory Implementation Roadmap - Version 4

The fourth version of the regulatory implementation roadmap (roadmap) has been updated for an implementation delay relating to the five-minute settlement retail platform workstream as well as the rescheduling of the metering coordinator planned interruptions and MSATS standing data review. A more detailed implementation schedule for 2021 has been provided as part of the roadmap. AEMO has addressed stakeholder feedback where possible and will seek to further improve the roadmap over time.

Regulatory Roadmap - Version 3

The third version of the Roadmap takes account of final AEMC rule changes in relation to the Wholesale Demand Response (WDR) Mechanism, the three-month deferral of the implementation of Five-Minutes Settlement and Global Settlement, and Metering Coordinator Planned Interruptions. 

Regulatory prioritisation advice and second Roadmap

A revised Roadmap was published on 8 May, 2020, following stakeholder engagement and submissions in response to the initial advice provided to the COAG Energy Council. 


Initial regulatory prioritisation advice

In April, 2020, the Market Bodies provided advice to the COAG Energy Council, including an agreed set of objectives and criteria for considering altering the implementation dates, and an initial view of an adjusted work plan for the market bodies and industry, including the first Roadmap.

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