Power of Choice

Following its Power of Choice (POC) review in 2012, the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) implemented a number of rule changes, including the Competition in Metering Rule Change, the Embedded Networks Rule Change and Updating the B2B Framework Rule Change. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) worked with industry to implement these changes by 1 December 2017, and the Power of Choice program has now concluded.

AEMO achieved this through the POC Implementation Program, which was comprised of the following workstreams:

  • AEMO Procedural Development work stream – to define the required changes to electricity retail market Procedures;
  • B2B Procedural Development work stream – to facilitate the required changes and updates to the B2B Procedures;
  • Systems Development work stream – to design, develop, implement and test changes to AEMO’s retail market systems; and
  • Readiness – to coordinate, assist and prepare industry and AEMO for the start of the revised arrangements, and to monitor and report on preparation efforts.

To coordinate the program and facilitate discussions with industry participants about risks, issues and broader implementation matters, AEMO established a Program Consultative Forum (POC-PCF). In addition to the PCF, each work stream had a dedicated working group for industry engagement.


Navigating the Power of Choice program page

The following diagram provides a simplified overview of the various forums, working groups and work packages. Click the working group to navigate to the corresponding page.

Navigating the Power of Choice program AEMO Board AER Commonwealth PoC Executive Forum Program Management IEC RMCF ERCF ERMCF ASWG Program Consultative Forum Procedures Systems Readiness B2B

Program Consultative Forum

  • Program Consultative Forum matters
  • Program Management Framework
  • Risk and Issue Management
  • Program overview schedule
  • External Power of Choice links

Procedures Working Group

  • Procedure Working Group matters
  • Formal consultation progress

Systems Working Group

  • Systems Working Group matters

Readiness Working Group

  • Readiness Working Group matters
  • Readiness Strategy
  • Readiness Reporting
  • Supporting detailed readiness plans

B2B Working Group

  • B2B Procedure Working Group matters
  • Formal consultation progress

PoC Executive Forum

  • A program overview at an Executive level

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