There are many projects developing capabilities to support control room operations both from within and outside of the control room. The key priorities for 2023 and 2024 include: 

  1. Replace a myriad of unsupported, complex systems with an integrated contemporary Energy Market Management System.

  2. In partnership with General Electric, upgrade AEMO’s Energy Management System to incorporate new capabilities being brought to market. 

  3. Uplift our ability to forecast supply and demand across an increasing number of distributed energy resources and changing weather patterns. 

  4. Uplift our ability to forecast energy resource levels and assess system adequacy

  5. Manage oscillatory stability by deploying phasor measurement units with network service providers to detect small signal disturbances caused by the increasing number of inverter-based resources. 

  6. Build an operational data management platform to enhance data modelling capability, practices and tools for our systems and for our scientists.

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