Power systems

The Network Outage Scheduler (NOS)

The Network Outages section lists the planned network outages for work on the transmission system. Participants can make bookings up to two years in advance or at short notice in response to an emergency. The schedule contains all out of service work and any secondary bookings forecast to cause a constraint on the dispatch process.

Standard for power system data communications

Sets out the standard that:

  • Network Service Provider (NSPs) must comply with when providing and maintaining communications facilities for control, operational metering, and indication from the relevant local sites to the appropriate interfacing termination as nominated by AEMO.
  • Other registered participants must comply with when installing and maintaining remote control, operational metering, and monitoring devices and local circuits for use in AEMO's control centres.

Transmission & distribution network connections

The Network Connections section has information about:

  • Establishing or modifying connections to the NEM transmission and distribution networks.
  • Generator and network modelling requirements.
  • Generator performance standards

Market Ancillary Services Specification (MASS)

MASS contains:

  • A detailed description of each kind of market ancillary service and their performance parameters
  • Requirements for a service to qualify as the relevant market ancillary service.
  • Requirements for when a market participant provides the relevant kind of market ancillary service.
  • Verification procedures for market ancillary services.

FCAS Verification Tool (FCASVT)

FCASVT is an Excel spreadsheet participants can use to calculate FCAS delivered by their plant.

VAr Dispatch

Reactive Plant Operators (RPOs) can use VAr Dispatch to view the latest and current instructions issued by AEMO's VAr Dispatch Scheduling System (VDS) in the Electricity Market Management Systems Web Portal (EMMS).

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