Wholesale IT systems

EMMS is used to determine the cost of energy. EMMS also provides: ancillary services, dispatch, market information, NEM reports, offers and submissions, settlements and prudentials, trading facilities, and intermittent generation and PASA forecasting.

For help accessing AEMO's wholesale interfaces, see:

EMMS Markets Portal Applications

Market Info

This application provides:

  • A summary of the market in each of the regions.
  • Public and private market notices.
  • A tool allowing participants to view constraint equation IDs in a human readable format.
  • Access to Market Direct that publishes AEMO reports and statements.

Settlements and Prudentials

Settlements Direct

Settlements Direct provides participants with access to information, including settlement statements, published by AEMO.

NEM Prudential Dashboard

The NEM Prudential Dashboard allows market participants to make informed prudential management decisions. It provides useful information about participant's accrued financial position with AEMO. The dashboard is updated every time a new prudential run becomes available throughout each business day to provide an up-to-date snapshot of prudential information.

NEM Prudential Forecast

The Prudential Forecast provides participants with a forecast of their expected prudential position for the next NEM business day.

Electricity Reallocations

The Reallocations system enables Reallocations registered participants to create, submit, authorise, and view Reallocations in accordance with the Reallocation procedures.

Credit Support

NEM Participants can view and analyse their Credit Support. This guide provides instructions about using the NEM Credit Support System in the Markets Portal. 

Payment Nomination

Payment Nomination provides a facility for participants to view and manage their nominations for settlement payments. You can find assistance using Payment Nomination in the web portal.

Settlement Residue Auction (SRA)

The SRA gives eligible registered participants access to inter-regional settlements residue (IRSR) by enabling them to bid for entitlements to a proportion of the total IRSR.

Intermittent generation

The Intermittent Generation web application provides an interface for participants with intermittent generating units to:

  • Submit availability information to AEMO, for use over the predispatch, STPASA, and MTPASA time frames.
  • View intermittent generation forecasts produced by AWEFS and ASEFS.

Supply Forecasting

Generator Surveys collects data from participants about existing and future Generation in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

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