2014 Gas Statement of Opportunities

The GSOO provides information about the current state of the gas industry in eastern and south eastern Australia to facilitate a competitive market and efficient investment, operations, and use of energy.

The GSOO provides an adequacy assessment of natural gas infrastructure to meet demand across eastern and south-eastern Australia over a 10-year period and the adequacy of gas reserves over 20 years.

Gas Statement of Opportunities Update May 2014

In 2014, AEMO began producing an update to the Gas Statement of Opportunities report to reflect recent changes to infrastructure and demand that could influence natural gas investment on Australia’s east coast.

The update is produced when public announcements by the gas industry or governments outline changes that would alter results modelled in the main report published in November.

The report provides timely and relevant information to inform decision making by market participants, industry investors, and jurisdictional policy makers.

Gas Statement of Opportunities: Update May 2014
09 May 2014 | filesize: 512 KB (.pdf) 
Gas Statement of Opportunities: May 2014 - Modelling Data
09 May 2014 | filesize: 238 KB (.pdf) 

AEMO welcomes stakeholder feedback on the frequency and content of this update by email at planning@aemo.com.au.


Gas Statement of Opportunities 2013

The 2013 report highlights opportunities for investment in natural gas infrastructure and reserves development needed to address potential shortfalls in eastern and south-eastern Australia.

The 2013 Gas Statement of Opportunities (GSOO) was published in November by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) in accordance with Part 15D of the National Gas Rules 2008. 

Supporting information on reserves, LNG export projections and processing, transmission and storage facilities are available in the supporting information section.

2013 Gas Statement of Opportunities
29 Nov 2013 | filesize: 1.9 MB (.pdf) 
GSOO 2013 National Gas Forecast
29 Nov 2013 | filesize: 614 KB (.xlsx)

GSOO 2013 Methodology Document 
29 Nov 2013 | filesize: 1.3 MB (.pdf)
GSOO 2013  Figure and Data tables
29 Nov 2013 | filesize: 2.3 MB (.xlsx)
Gas Bulletin Board Analysis
29 Nov 2013 | filesize: 8.2 MB (.xlsx)


GSOO 2013 Supply-Demand modelling data files.


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