Timelines, Procedures and Surveys

AEMO’s analysis and forecasting for the GSOO is undertaken according to defined procedures and adheres to carefully planned timelines. It relies on GSOO reporting entities to provide information that is accurate and timely via surveys to build an accurate and current view of the interconnected central and east coast gas system.


Example key dates for the Gas Statement of Opportunities are shown below. The exact timeline followed in any particular year may differ from what is shown.

GSOO Procedures

The procedures which govern the GSOO are made under section 91DF of the National Gas Law, and broadly define: 

  • The persons or classes of persons who are GSOO reporting entities
  • Arrangements for maintaining contacts details to distribute GSOO surveys
  • The form of GSOO surveys
  • Requirements for GSOO survey responses, including the time for submissions and process for correcting errors
  • Confidentiality requirements and considerations

GSOO Survey Examples

Guidance on the type of information requested through the GSOO surveys is provided below. These example surveys are indicative only, and the surveys sent to each GSOO reporting entity may differ.

Exemption from participating in GSOO Surveys

For any party that meets the requirements of a GSOO reporting entity (as defined in the GSOO procedures), but believes they should not be included in the GSOO survey process, an application for an exemption must be made via email to gasplanning@aemo.com.au and include:

  • The name and ABN of the GSOO reporting entity requesting an exemption.
  • A contact name for the GSOO reporting entity applying for the exemption.
  • An explanation for why the GSOO reporting entity should be exempt from the requirement to participate in the GSOO survey.
  • The period over which the exemption is requested.

AEMO will assess requests for exemption on a case-by-case basis and will notify the GSOO reporting entity if their application is approved. While the application is being considered, the GSOO reporting entity will continue to have the same obligations as before the application was made. The GSOO reporting entity must comply with any conditions included in an exemption granted by AEMO.

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