WA GBB historical data analysis

This paper presents major trends extracted from data on the Gas Bulletin Board Western Australia (GBB WA) since its commencement in August 2013.

Key changes in gas consumption, production, and storage are outlined, with all data in financial year ending (FYE) to capture most recent data. Across the period from FYE14 to FYE18, annual gas consumption has increased from 978 TJ/day to 1035 TJ/day, with mining sector gas consumption increasing from 13% to 21% of total gas consumption and consumption for electricity generation (GPG) falling from 34% to 29% of the total.

In terms of gas production, Gorgon has the biggest growth in contribution over the whole period. While Karratha Gas Plant (KGP) remains the biggest contributor to production, its production contribution has been trending downwards since FYE16. No clearly observable correlation or pattern is visible in gas storage injections and withdrawals.

The full report is available below.

WA GBB historical data analysis (pdf, 689 kB)

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