Information for current participants

As a current participant in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM), most of your day-to-day information needs will be provided by the Data, System Operations, Market Operations, Reserve Capacity Mechanism and Procedures, Policies and Guides sections of this site. However, you’ll occasionally need to know about administrative processes and information requirements in the WEM. This section provides that information.

 This section also provides participant-related information that AEMO is required to publish under the WEM Rules.

If you’re a current participant looking to register in a new category, transfer a registration or deregister, you will need to visit the Registration pages instead.

In this section

This section provides participant-related information such as Rule Participant classes, lists of current Market Participants and Facilities, and participant licenses. It also publishes process and administrative advice about data provision, document and information retention, dispute resolution and market participation considerations.

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