Projected Assessment of System Adequacy (PASA)

Projected Assessment of System Adequacy (PASA) is a forecasting study. It is divided into Long, Medium, and Short Term PASA.

Long Term PASA

Long Term PASA (LT PASA) is undertaken by AEMO on an annual basis, as part of the publishing of the Electricity Statement of Opportunities (ESOO) for the Wholesale Electricity Market. This considers the 10-year planning horizon for generation, demand side programs, and network capacity.

The Short and Medium Term PASAs (ST PASA and MT PASA) are undertaken by AEMO. The MT PASA details the system adequacy and generation requirements on a weekly basis for the three-year horizon, and is published monthly. The ST PASA details the system adequacy and generation requirements on a six-hourly basis for the three-week horizon, and is published weekly.

Requirement for Market Participants to provide data

In accordance with WEM Rules 3.16.4 (which relates to MT PASA), 3.17.5 (which relates to ST PASA) and 7.2.5 (which relates to energy forecasts for Intermittent Generators), AEMO directs Market Participants and Network Operators that the prescribed data, information and forecasts described in clauses 3.16.4, 3.16.5 and 7.2.5 of the WEM Rules are not required to be provided until such time that this direction is revoked by publication of a revocation on the Market website.

AEMO is considering the use of this information and may revoke the relevant direction in the future.

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