Market Advisories

AEMO must inform Rule Participants and the public of current or impending situations that could affect power system security or reliability, or the operation of market processes. Most of the time, this information is published in Outage Plans, ST-PASA or MT-PASA, or Market Schedules.

When AEMO observes or forecasts an event that is not covered in other Market Information, it issues a Market Advisory under section 7.11 of the WEM Rules.

Clause 7.11.5 specifies a range of circumstances under which AEMO must issue a Market Advisory and clause 7.11.6 indicates the information that must be provided in a Market Advisory.

A Market Advisory will specify the time period to which the advisory relates and information on how Market Participants should respond to the situation. The WEM Rules recognise that sometimes AEMO will have to react quickly to a situation and may not be able to issue a Market Advisory until after the event.

Market Participants are obliged to keep AEMO informed of any circumstances that they become aware of that might result in AEMO issuing a Market Advisory.

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