Affected Dispatch Interval Report

In accordance with clause 7.11C.3 of the WEM Rules, where AEMO determines that a Dispatch Interval is an Affected Dispatch Interval AEMO must publish a report as soon as practicable outlining:

  • the reasons for determining that a Dispatch Interval was an Affected Dispatch Interval.
  • whether that determination was correct; and
  • what action will be taken to minimise the risk of a similar event in future.

In practice, Affected Dispatch Interval Reports are published by for each Trading Week. 

AEMO will also issue a Market Advisory once the required information is updated for each Affected Dispatch Interval, which will generally occur by noon on the first Business Day following the end of the Trading Day which contains the Dispatch Interval [WEM Rule 7.11C.2] unless AEMO is prevented from is prevented from completing the relevant processes that enable the provision of the data [WEM Rule 7.13.1K].

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