Medium Term PASA reports

In accordance with clause 3.16.9 of the WEM Rules, on the first Business Day falling on or following the 15th day of each month AEMO must publish the following information developed as a result of its Medium Term PASA (MT PASA) study for each week in the Medium Term Planning horizon described in clause 3.16.2:

(a) peak load forecasts for the following scenarios:
i. mean;
ii. mean plus one standard deviation; and
iii. mean plus two standard deviations.
(b) forecast total available generation capacity by constrained region;
(c) System Management’s reasonable forecast of the total available Demand Side Management capacity by week and by constrained region;
(d) the amount equal to:
i. the load forecast referred to in clause 3.16.9(a)(iii); minus
ii. the total forecast available generation capacity; minus
iii. System Management’s reasonable forecast of the total available Demand Side Management capacity;
(e) any weeks where there is expected to be a shortfall of capacity, including a shortfall of Ancillary Services or an inability to satisfy the Ready Reserve Standard;
(f) transmission outages of which System Management is aware, forecast transmission capacity between potentially constrained regions, under normal conditions and some contingency scenarios, and any constraints that are likely under these scenarios;
(g) possible security problems that could affect market or dispatch outcomes;
(h) potential fuel supply, transport or storage limitations that could affect generation capacity of which System Management is aware;
(i) the details of any use by System Management of its own data in place of data provided in accordance with clause 3.16.6, and the reasons why System Management’s data was substituted; and
(j) for each approved Commissioning Test the Facility to be tested and the dates and times during which the Commissioning Test will be conducted.

Step 4.1.4 of the Power System Operation Procedure (PSOP) for MT PASA requires AEMO to publish methodologies covering various aspects of MT PASA. AEMO is required to engage with Market Participants and Network Operators in relation to the implementation of those methodologies prior to publication. The methodologies are available here:

Participants can also use the blank charting template in the form of an Excel spreadsheet to help interpret the historical data below. Please note that the CSV file must be copied into this Excel spreadsheet to obtain the required chart.

This page is published in accordance with Market Rule 10.5.1 (n).

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