Medium Term PASA reports

The objective of the Medium Term PASA is to:

(a) provide an assessment of the likelihood and impact of security and reliability related scenarios on the SWIS that may affect the ability of AEMO to maintain Power System Security and Power System Reliability; 

(b) provide information on the impact of Outages to support AEMO and other Rule Participants in Outage planning processes; and 

(c) develop demand forecasts to support Rule Participants in making decisions about supply, demand, and Outages.

In accordance with clause 3.16.1 of the WEM Rules, AEMO must conduct periodic PASA assessments at least each week of the 36-month period from the starting date of the assessment ("Medium Term PASA"). After conducting the assessment AEMO will publish a report

Clause 3.16.1 of the WEM Rules describes the WEM Procedure that AEMO is required to publish that covers the methodologies of how the PASA assessment is conducted.

For Pre-Reform MT PASA reports, Participants can use the blank charting template in the form of an Excel spreadsheet to help interpret the historical data below. Please note that the CSV file must be copied into this Excel spreadsheet to obtain the required chart.

This page is published in accordance with Market Rule 10.5.1 (n).

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