EGES Stakeholder Paper

The EGES stakeholder paper (see key documents, below) is based on the early investigations, conducted with stakeholders in late 2017 and through 2018, identifying the challenges facing proponents and the emerging scenarios for new technologies and business models. It explores the following topics, including context, issue identification, options, AEMO’s assessment and stakeholder questions for each area:

  • Defining Energy Storage
  • Participation models to integrate Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
  • Integrating energy storage into the NER Recovery mechanisms
  • Application of performance standards to a generating system or load in an exempt network
  • Separation of operational and financial responsibility
  • Logical metering arrangements
  • Providing NEM information to project developers

Stakeholder Sessions

AEMO hosted two stakeholder engagement sessions in November 2018 to discuss the issues and opportunities identified within the EGES Stakeholder Paper (see key documents, below) and seek feedback from stakeholders to prioritise and develop a future work program. These sessions are open to all interested parties with regulatory and technical expertise in this area.

Stakeholder Submissions

Stakeholder submissions to the EGES Stakeholder Paper follows: 

Stakeholder Documents

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