5MS Start Notice FAQs

What does AEMO mean when it refers to ‘essential capabilities?

Essential capabilities are the capabilities that must be available from 1 October 2021 to support 5-minute bidding and settlement within the National Electricity Market (NEM), and ensure there is no disruption to the NEM.

The essential capability criteria are divided into three categories:

  • 1) AEMO capability

    Essential Capability


    Metering Platform: Is deployed and has stable business operation.

    •      Can receive and process 5-minute metering data.

    •      Supports 5-Minute Profiling / UFE

    Settlements Platform: Is deployed and has stable business operation.

    •      Support 5 Minute Settlement processes

    Bidding Platform: The 5-minute bidding and
    dispatch solution, including the web bidding
     interface is deployed and has stable business operation.

    •      Supports 5 Minute Bidding Services

    •      Provides 5 Minute Bidding interface


  • 2) Essential metering

    Essential Capability


    All essential meters are able to produce and store 5-min data*.

    Essential meters are defined as transmission connected type 1-4 meters that must be capable of providing 5-minute metering data by the 1 October rule commencement date.

    Metering Providers (MPs) have upgraded their essential meters to ensure they are capable of providing 5-minute metering data.


    All essential meters are able to deliver 5-min metering data.


    Metering Data Providers are able to provide 5-minute metering data for essential meters for settlement.

  • 3) Bidding

    Essential Capability


    Generators and MNSPs are able to submit 5-minute offers.

    Generators are capable of providing 5-minute bids.

How did AEMO assess market participant readiness?

AEMO’s 5MS Program has developed a 5MS and GS Market Readiness Strategy, which is an overarching plan to guide AEMO and NEM participants’ operational preparedness for 5MS and GS. It includes the approach for monitoring, managing, and reporting on industry readiness.
Examples of the activities and channels used to determine industry readiness include:

  • Results from the nine Readiness Assessment Questionnaires   
  • Feedback and discussions at industry working groups and forums
  • Outcomes of participant testing activities, including industry testing and AEMO led Market Trial.
  • Progress and (contingency) plans against the activities identified in the Metering Transition Plan (MTP) and reported on directly in the Readiness Assessment surveys. The plan incorporates the activities to support essential metering as subset of all metering transition activities required to enable 5MS and GS 


If an organisation does not consider itself ready for 5MS, what should it do?

They should contact the 5MS Program immediately to discuss their concerns and to determine what support will be required to ensure they are back on track by 1 October.

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