Engineering Framework

The Engineering Framework is the next step in a multi-year plan to deliver an integrated roadmap for the NEM. It builds on the RIS Stage 1 which delivered the first step. The Engineering Framework seeks to go beyond the renewable integration alone, by taking a broader perspective, and acknowledging the various activities that are already happening across industry.

The Engineering Framework is being developed to complement existing industry processes to provide a map to help stakeholders stay informed of the changing technical needs of the power system, the work underway to meet these changing needs, how the different pieces fit together, and how they can engage on topics of interest.

This framework is also needed to structure industry discussions around the prioritisation of future work, so that the most urgent issues are addressed first.

It is proposed to be structured around the three pillars of system integration, system attributes and system operability. 

In managing the energy transition, no one organisation has all the answers. Different focus areas will require leadership from different areas of industry. The Engineering Framework is being developed to complement ongoing efforts across industry. 

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