The ISP consumer panel

The 2022 ISP Consumer Panel (the Panel) is a new advisory body set up under changes to the National Electricity Rules that were put in place after the release of the first Integrated System Plan (ISP) in 2020.

The 2022 ISP serves as a roadmap and vision to guide the energy transition across the National Energy Market (NEM) into the future.

The panel’s role is to provide independent expert advice and lift up the views and ideas of consumers during development of the 2022 ISP. Our focus is to ensure the long-term interests of consumers are front and centre in all deliberations. Key considerations for the panel will include how the 2022 ISP develops a whole-of-system plan for the National Electricity Market ensuring the best mix of energy resources to deliver lowest cost, sustainable and reliable energy to energy consumers.

The Panel will publish two main reports:

  • A report by 30 September 2021 on the 2021 Inputs, Assumptions and Scenarios Report
  • A report by 10 February 2022 on the Draft ISP

AEMO must have regard to the Panel’s reports as part of its decision-making, and the Draft ISP and Final ISP (due to be published in mid-2022) will include information about how AEMO has considered the Panel’s reports.

As well as publishing the two reports required under the rules, the Panel is engaging closely with AEMO through formal and informal submissions and other activities. 

We see our role as part of an ongoing journey, to help AEMO in developing this critical roadmap that underpins our electricity system. 

ISP Consumer Panel’s report on the Draft 2022 ISP 

The ISP Consumer Panel provided their report on the Draft 2022 ISP on 10 February 2022.

ISP Consumer Panel’s report on 2021 IASR 

The ISP Consumer Panel provided their report on the 2021 Inputs, Assumptions and Scenarios Report (IASR) on 30 September 2021.

Goal of the ISP Consumer Panel

Our aim is for an ISP that electricity consumers can have confidence in. We want consumers to be confident it identifies an optimal development path that appropriately considers the risks of underinvestment or overinvestment in the power system as we make the complex transition to the power system of the future. 

Members of the ISP Consumer Panel

Dr. Andrew Nance (Chair)

Andrew is one of South Australia’s most widely experienced energy specialists. He has served as Technical Director of the South Australian Government’s Sustainability and Climate Change Division, spent a decade advising the South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS), and served on the AEMC’s Reliability Panel and the AER’s Consumer Challenge Panel. Currently, he is a Director at The Energy Project Pty Ltd and chairs SA Power Networks’ Consumer Consultative Panel and Connections Working Group. Andrew’s project experience includes scrutiny of the proposed South Australia – New South Wales interconnector and of SA Power Networks’ 2020-25 Regulatory proposals.

Gavin Dufty

Gavin has over 30 years of leadership experience in community welfare and advocacy, along with a comprehensive understanding of consumer protection issues related to energy and water. Gavin is a valued member on a number of the Transmission, Distribution and Retailer Customer Councils. He is on the Board of Energy Consumers Australia and the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria. Gavin is also an active participant on a number of the AER and ESC Consumer Panels. He has participated in multiple high-level forums and working groups including the AEMC Reliability Panel and has contributed to the development of Victorian Retail Code and the National Consumer Energy Framework.

Mark Grenning

Mark is an experienced energy consultant with a focus on the consumer side. After a 30-year career with Rio Tinto, with particular focus on electricity and gas supply to operations, his work now includes being Director of Policy and Regulation for Energy Users Association of Australia (EUAA) and a member of the Australian Energy Regulator’s Consumer Challenge Panel. His EUAA work includes advocacy to all energy market bodies and governments, and membership of many network consumer consultation forums. Mark was a long-term member of the AEMC Reliability Panel. He currently presents a course on Energy Supply Chains as part of Melbourne University’s Master of Energy Systems degree and is a long-time member of the Grattan Institute Energy Reference Group.

Stephanie Bashir

Stephanie is a well-known industry leader, with more than 18 years of commercial experience in complex and matrix-style environments. Stephanie has held energy sector leadership roles in technical, commercial, strategic, policy, advisory and engagement roles, with expertise in energy market policy and regulation, new energy technologies and service innovation, grid modernisation and electric vehicles. She is the Founder and Principal of Nexa Advisory, and previously led the policy vision and strategy at AGL Energy in relation to new energy technologies and services. Stephanie had key roles in driving the clean energy transformation and establishing the national policy agenda around virtual power plants, and competition reforms in new energy technologies and services.

Richard Owens

Richard has more than 20 years’ experience as a regulator, policy maker and adviser to regulated businesses. He brings unique experience and insights from having led the development and application of utility regulation and policy at senior levels across the electricity, gas, telecommunications, water and ports sectors. He also previously held senior roles at the AEMC, overseeing rule changes and reviews and engagement with stakeholders. Richard is currently a director at farrierswier, where he provides policy and regulatory advice, across a range of regulated utility sectors. He is also an Associate Commissioner of the Utilities Commission of the Northern Territory.

News and opportunities

Consumer Engagement Survey

The ISP Consumer Panel wants to understand how, when and what consumers want to be engaged on during development of the 2022 ISP.

A survey was  conducted in February-March 2021 to get a ‘state of the nation’ baseline data set that will both influence how we interact with you over the course of the 2022 ISP, as well as how we advocate to AEMO to improve its consumer engagement strategy. This  provided us with valuable insight with broad stakeholder views and inputs into the AEMO engagement process to date.

The Panel produced a summary and insights report in July 2021.

AEMO’s Consultation Summary Reports for the development of the 2021 Inputs, Assumptions and Scenarios Report (IASR) and ISP Methodology were also published in July 2021. Those reports outline the consultation process used to develop the 2021 IASR and ISP methodology, as well as outlining how AEMO considered and responded to each element of feedback received.

Chair Dr Andrew Nance talks about the ISP Consumer Panel

Please play the podcast below to listen to Dr Andrew Nance discuss the ISP Consumer Panel.

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