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2022 ISP Timetable 

The ISP Timetable provides stakeholders with the key milestones of the ISP 2022, including the establishment of the Consumer Panel and dates for the release of the Inputs, Assumptions and Scenarios Report (IASR), the ISP Methodology, the Draft ISP and the Final ISP. The Opportunities for engagement page provides a detailed timeline of upcoming workshops and engagement activities.

ISP Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

The ISP Stakeholder Engagement Strategy outlines AEMO approach to engaging with all stakeholders during the development of the 2022 ISP. Constructive and effective engagement with energy consumers, producers, and network service providers, as well as other interested stakeholders, is an essential component of the ISP development process.

AEMO welcomes stakeholder feedback on the Strategy and AEMO’s approach to engagement at any time. Please contact to provide written feedback or arrange an opportunity to discuss.

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