Bulletin Board FAQs

Registration and Exemptions

  • What facilities can get an exemption?

    There are no facility exemptions, only an exemption on providing information.

  • What information exemptions are there?

    A BB participant may be granted an exemption on providing information, relating to a BB facility, to the Bulletin Board. Where that information will be provided by another person. The most common example of this is where two pipelines intersect and one of the BB participants will provide the information and the other BB participant will apply for an exemption. All other information, required to be submitted under the Rules, still needs to be submitted by the participant holding the exemption.

    The participant who applies for the exemption must provide supporting evidence from the participant, that will be providing the information, endorsing the exemption. This acknowledges that they will take on the function of BB reporting entity for the information for both facilities. AEMO may seek further evidence to confirm that the exemption can be granted.

  • In what cases do the pipelines connected to a production facility need to be separately registered as BB pipelines?

    All pipelines connected to a production facility need to be registered as BB pipelines. Pipelines are considered to be part of a production facility if (noting there may be exceptions to the following):

    • the pipeline connects the production facility directly to another BB facility
    • there is only one receipt point (the production facility) and only one delivery point on the pipeline
    • there are no storage services provided by the pipeline

    If a pipeline is defined as a lateral gathering pipeline, then it does not need to be registered. A pipeline is defined as a lateral gathering pipeline if:

    • the pipeline is operated as part of an upstream producing operation;
    • the pipeline is used principally to transport natural gas for injection into a BB facility operated as part of the upstream producing operation where that BB facility is not itself a lateral gathering pipeline; and
    • AEMO is satisfied that the facility is not material

Data submissions

  • I have forgotten my FTP password, where can I go to regain access?

    To reset your forgotten or expired FTP password or to unlock your account, see the Guide to Self-service Password Management.


  • I have forgotten my API password, how do I reset it?

    To reset or change your API password, see the Guide to User Rights Management.

  • The Rules require nominations and forecasts for seven days into the future (D+1 to D+6), but I don't receive nominations from my shippers this far in advance, what do I submit?

    Under gas rule 185 a BB reporting entity must provide

    • aggregate nominations for injections into one or more BB pipelines from the production facility for the gas day, and
    • the aggregate forecasts for nominations for injections into one or more BB pipelines from the production facility for gas day D+1 to gas day D+6.

    Participants should notify AEMO of any general business practices that may impact on the ability to comply with this requirement.

  • What constitutes a material change in connection point data regarding nominations?

    A material change is defined in the Rules as a change to the nomination or forecast that exceeds the greater of 10% of the nameplate rating of the BB facility and 30 TJ.

    Further information clarifying this is specified in Section 7.5.2(f) of the BB Procedure available here  https://www.aemo.com.au/energy-systems/gas/gas-bulletin-board-gbb/procedures-policies-and-guides

    (i) If there is a material change to the Delivery and Receipt Nominations or Forecast Deliveries and Receipts for a specific delivery point or a receipt point (as applicable); or

    (ii) the changes to Delivery and Receipt Nominations or Forecast Deliveries and Receipts for all delivery points or receipt points for a BB pipeline for a gas day aggregate to a number that meets the material change threshold, the BB reporting entity must provide the updated information on that gas day.

    Note: For aggregation in this provision, any change to volumes will always be deemed to be a positive number irrespective whether the gas flow is a delivery or receipt, or whether the volume has increased or decreased. A change to a receipt point or delivery point will always increase the aggregate and therefore increase the likelihood that the threshold for material change will be met.

  • What do I submit if my meter data, for daily flow data, is not available by the submission cut-off time?

    An estimate of the data can should be submitted, with quality flag “OK”. It is the responsibility of the BB reporting entity to update this data when better quality information is available. An alternative is to provide a NIL submission.

  • In the nameplate capacity file, if the quantity doesn't change, are we still required to submit a capacity description? Can this be a default description?

    This can be a default description as nameplate capacity is carried over from day to day. You will only need to change the description once a material change has either increased or decreased the standing capacity of the facility.

  • Can I submit capacity for multiple sections of a pipeline?

    Changes to capacity are required to be submitted to the BB. Submitting multiple sections is possible but not required and at the discretion of the participant.

  • Do all pipeline receipt and delivery connection points need to be reported in the new "Nominations and Forecast" file?

    Yes. Each connection point must be submitted for both actual, nominations and forecasts.

  • In cases where Production Facilities deliver on to one or more pipelines in the same day how should this be reported?

    For production facilities, only one aggregated number is required for daily submissions.

  • What time zone are submission cut offs in, EST, EDST, local time or something else?

    All submission cut off times are in market time which is in EST, i.e. exclusive of daylight saving.


  • In the short-term capacity outlook report, what is the Receipt Location and Delivery Location meant to be?

    The  receipt location (point) and  delivery location (point) represent a leg and may also be the two ends of a facility.

  • What will happen if daily flow reported is greater than the nameplate rating of a particular connection point and the validation fails?

    The parameters configurable by AEMO for validation are:

    A soft warning (yellow message) will appear when submitting higher than capacity or 1.3x the capacity, and the submission will be allowed to pass.

    A hard warning (red message) will appear when submitting 2x capacity, and the submission will be rejected.

    The different facility types are validated according to the following logic

    • Pipelines: validations will be on the individual connection point capacities and flows. The source of capacity information to compare will be from Connection Point Nameplate Rating
    • Production and Compression facilities: validations will be the MDQ capacity against flows. The source of the capacity information to compare will be from Short Term Capacity Outlook using type MDQ
    • Storage Facilities: Validations will be against the MDQ capacity for Receipt and Delivery and Storage capacity for the held in storage volume. The source of the capacity information to compare will be from Short Term Capacity Outlook for MDQ as well as Storage Capacity
  • How do I know what I'm looking at is a full set of facility data for a gas day?

    Submission cut-off times for daily production and flow is 1pm EST on gas day D. A full set of data for a BB reporting entity must be submitted by that time under the rules.


  • What is a Facility Operator Group?

    A facility operator group occurs when there is more than one owner, operator or controller for a BB facility and the facility operator is taken to be a member of a facility operator group for that BB facility. All members of the facility operator group must apply to register and will nominate one of the members to be the responsible facility operator (i.e. the BB reporting entity).

  • Why don't all facilities appear on the Bulletin Board?

    There are several facilities that are not required to register on the Bulletin Board because of either being a remote BB facility, a lateral gathering pipeline, or due to not meeting the applicable reporting threshold. A list of the facilities that AEMO is aware of is published under 'Notices -> BB Notices' on the GBB.

For further queries, please contact bbo@aemo.com.au.

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