LNG maintenance

On 5 August 2021, the ACCC published a Determination granting authorisation to LNG Producers in Queensland to coordinate the timing and scheduling of maintenance events at their LNG facilities on Curtis Island (authorisation AA1000544, previously A91516 and A91517). The purpose of the authorisation is to make publicly available Maintenance Information that an LNG Producer discloses to another LNG Producer in the course of scheduling maintenance activities. As such, LNG Producers may choose to provide the relevant information pursuant to the authorisation condition to AEMO for publication on the GBB. This LNG maintenance information is provided to AEMO via email, and is then published on the GBB website. Note that AEMO does not standardise this information into a single report, AEMO publishes the LNG maintenance information notices as provided by the LNG Producers. The Determination is available here.

Typically, the naming convention for LNG maintenance files will be: “LNG Maintenance_yyyymmdd-mmdd_LNGProducer” where yyyymmdd-mmdd is reflective of the date range of the maintenance activities.

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