Real-Time Consumption Information Requirements For Demand Side Programmes

A Market Participant who has been assigned DSM Capacity Credits must, in accordance with step 4.8.1 of the Power System Operation Procedure (PSOP): Dispatch and in the time and manner specified by AEMO, provide AEMO with, for each Trading Interval, the then current consumption, in MW, of:

  1. each Associated Load of the Demand Side Programme (DSP); and
  2. the DSP, which must equal the sum of the consumption of all Associated Loads of that DSP.

AEMO must, in accordance with step 4.8.2 of the PSOP: Dispatch, publish the “time and manner” on the Market website. AEMO’s requirements are real-time MW consumption data for each DSP and Associated Load, with a resolution of 5 minutes or less that is either accessible by, or transmitted to, AEMO in the following manner:

  1. SCADA (via the Network Operator); or
  2. Some other method of information provision in real-time. While AEMO may determine a firm method in the future, this data could be provided via:
  1. A web-portal provided by the Participant;
  2. An AEMO API (yet to be finalised, which would become the requirement at some point); or
  3. Another method agreed by AEMO.
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