Registration of Generator Performance Standards

From 1 February 2021, new as well as existing Transmission Connected Generating Systems (TCGS) in the WEM must have their performance established in accordance with the Generator Performance Standards (GPS) covered in Section 1.40, Chapter 3A and Appendix 12 of the WEM Rules. 

Establishing GPS for a Transmission Connected Generating System is a tripartite effort between the Market Participant responsible for the Transmission Connected Generating System, the Network Operator and AEMO. All three parties have distinctive roles in the process and the interactions during the process is summarised in the diagram below:

The key documents related to Generator Performance Standards for Transmission Connected Generating Systems are available from Western Power’s website.

  • GPS Template
  • WEM Procedure: Generation System Model Submission and Maintenance 
  • WEM Procedure: Generator Performance Standards for Existing Transmission Connected Generating Systems 
  • Power System Stability Requirements Guideline 
  • Generator Performance Standards: Guideline for the Assessment of Technical Requirements 
  • Generator Performance Standard Trigger Event Template

For more information or to discuss GPS, please contact the AEMO WEM GPS team on

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