Operation of Davenport and Robertstown Synchronous Condensers

To fill the declared system strength gap in South Australia, ElectraNet has commissioned four large synchronous condensers, two at Davenport and two at Robertstown.


The two synchronous condensers at Davenport and the two synchronous condensers at Robertstown have been commissioned, and system tests are now complete on all units.
The monitoring period for the Davenport synchronous condensers is now complete with system tests confirming their successful operation. Consequently, from 26 October 2021, AEMO has implemented the Transfer Limits Advice for South Australia applicable for any two synchronous condensers available.

AEMO and ElectraNet are now completing the final steps required to ensure that the South Australian power system can be operated securely with all four synchronous condensers, and a reduced number of synchronous generators, in service. These steps include reviewing the outcome of system tests and developing Transfer Limits Advice applicable for island operation. All steps should be completed by December 2021, when Transfer Limits advice applicable to four synchronous condenser operations will be applied.

Further information

Prior to each change to limits or generator combinations AEMO will inform the market via a market notice.

The limits advice is available on the Congestion Information Resource limits advice page.

Synchronous condensers outages will be notified via the Network Outage Schedule (NOS) and constraints implemented as required.

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