Network Outage Schedule

The Outage Schedule lists the planned network outages for work on the transmission system. Specialist staff within AEMO assess the outage bookings and the forecast demands for the period and provide feedback to the TNSPs on the likelihood of each outage proceeding. Bookings may be made up to two years in advance or at short notice in response to an emergency. The schedule contains all out of service work, and any secondary bookings that are forecast to cause a constraint on the dispatch process. The schedule will be updated every half hour starting at midnight (EST). Changes made to the schedule after this time will not be visible until the next update. Information contained in the schedule is provided to AEMO by the TNSPs, it is published subject to the disclaimer below.


Region Name - NEM region name.

Station Name - The terminal or switching station at which the work is based.

Equipment Name - The element which is out of service to the system.

Equipment Type - eg: Line, XFMR: transformer, CP: Capacitor, BUS: busbar.

kV - Kilo Volt, the voltage level of the equipment.

Start Time - Planned date and time for the outage commencement, or actual start time if an outage has commenced.

End Time - Planned date and time for the outage completion.

Status – This indicates the likelihood of the outage proceeding, there are various planning stages involved with outages. At each stage the system conditions are assessed with respect to the forecast demand and the state of the power system. Unplanned events can arise which alter the likelihood of a planned outage proceeding. The Status of an outage may be:

  • SUBMIT - The outage request has been submitted by the TNSP to AEMO for assessment.
  • MTLTP - Medium Term Likely to Proceed. The outage has been assessed in the medium term by AEMO and it is likely to proceed.
  • STLTP - Short Term Likely to Proceed. The outage has been assessed in the short term by AEMO and is likely to proceed.
  • PDLTP - Pre-Dispatch Likely to Proceed. The outage has been assessed in pre-dispatch by AEMO and is likely to proceed.
  • PTP - Permission to Proceed. The outage has been given permission by AEMO to begin.
  • PTR - Permission to Restore. The outage has been given permission by AEMO for restoration to begin.
  • RESUBMIT - The outage booking has been updated by the TNSP. The outage requires assessment by AEMO.
  • ISSUES - Assessment has taken place and an issue has been identified. The issue must be addressed prior to the outage proceeding. Several types of Issue are defined, these include:

    - General,
    - Ratings,
    - Contingency,
    - Constraint Required,
    - UTP - Issue Unresolved. ( The Issue could not be resolved at the time of assessment and the outage is unlikely to proceed)

Constraint Set ID - Set Identifier from Constraint Library.

Secondary/In-service Flag - 1 = secondary or in-service work, 0 = normal out of service.


The information contained in the Network Outage Schedule (NOS) is provided to AEMO by Transmission Network Service Providers (TNSPs) to meet their obligations, and is not provided to meet other specific objectives.

The TNSPs have advised AEMO that the information can change at short notice due to various operational circumstances.

In relation to the information contained on or accessed from the NOS, please note that each TNSP:

  • Does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness or currency of the information
  • Reserves the right to make changes to the information provided to AEMO at any time
  • Will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of the information.

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