2019 NEM Electricity Statement of Opportunities

The 2019 ESOO presents AEMO’s outlook of supply adequacy to 2028–29 under a number of scenarios and sensitivities.

The 2019 ESOO was prepared by AEMO using information available at 8 August 2019. Information made available after this date may have been included in this publication where practical.

2019 NEM Electricity Statement of Opportunities – results

To view reliability outcomes by region, see:

To view demand forecasts by region, see:

2019 NEM ESOO Supporting Material

For the purpose of the National Electricity Rules Clause 3.13.3A(a), in addition to the ESOO and accompanying documents published on this page, the following information should be considered part of the 2019 ESOO:

In addition, the following reports describe key inputs into the demand forecasting process.

Additional inputs, assumptions and methodologies across AEMO’s Planning and Forecasting functions are available at:

  • Scenarios, inputs, assumptions and methodologies for Planning and Forecasting

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